A new beginning

A few months ago I was involved in a beautiful styled shoot with a load of creative and talented people.  The gorgeous Emma from Coco Wedding Venues and the lovely Kat from Katrina Otter Weddings were the driving force behind the project, and as soon as they approached me with their vision for the shoot, I was on board.

Kat-Coco SF-5 Kat-Coco SF-7 Kat-Coco SF-12 Kat-Coco SF-13 Kat-Coco SF-18 Kat-Coco SF-19 Kat-Coco SF-26 Kat-Coco SF-31 Kat-Coco SF-43 Kat-Coco SF-47 Kat-Coco SF-48 Kat-Coco SF-50 Kat-Coco SF-59 Kat-Coco SF-60 Kat-Coco SF-69 Kat-Coco SF-79 Kat-Coco SF-82 Kat-Coco SF-85 Kat-Coco SF-89 Kat-Coco SF-101 Kat-Coco SF-104 Kat-Coco SF-110 Kat-Coco SF-137 Kat-Coco SF-142 Kat-Coco SF-152 Kat-Coco SF-156 Kat-Coco SF-158-2 Kat-Coco SF-159-2 Kat-Coco SF-162-2 Kat-Coco SF-164 Kat-Coco SF-168 Kat-Coco SF-170 Kat-Coco SF-174 Kat-Coco SF-176 Kat-Coco SF-177 Kat-Coco SF-181 Kat-Coco SF-184 Kat-Coco SF-186 Kat-Coco SF-193 Kat-Coco SF-198 Kat-Coco SF-199 Kat-Coco SF-203 Kat-Coco SF-210 Kat-Coco SF-213 Kat-Coco SF-216 Kat-Coco SF-219 Kat-Coco SF-230 Kat-Coco SF-232 Kat-Coco SF-233 Kat-Coco SF-234 Kat-Coco SF-239 Kat-Coco SF-242 Kat-Coco SF-247 Kat-Coco SF-248 Kat-Coco SF-250 Kat-Coco SF-253 Kat-Coco SF-254 Kat-Coco SF-261 Kat-Coco SF-262 Kat-Coco SF-264 Kat-Coco SF-265 Kat-Coco SF-269 Kat-Coco SF-271 Kat-Coco SF-273 Kat-Coco SF-276 Kat-Coco SF-278 Kat-Coco SF-279 Kat-Coco SF-281 Kat-Coco SF-282 Kat-Coco SF-284 Kat-Coco SF-288 Kat-Coco SF-292 Kat-Coco SF-296 Kat-Coco SF-299 Kat-Coco SF-300 Kat-Coco SF-302 Kat-Coco SF-303 Kat-Coco SF-305 Kat-Coco SF-306 Kat-Coco SF-307 Kat-Coco SF-312 Kat-Coco SF-315 Kat-Coco SF-322 Kat-Coco SF-326 Kat-Coco SF-333 Kat-Coco SF-335 Kat-Coco SF-338